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Our collection
A large part of our collection of sculptures comes from the funds of the Royal Academy Of Fine Arts of San Fernando, which since the 18th Century started a collection of reproductions of the most valued works from antiquity. Many of these sculptures come from the Vatican, the Capitolino Museum, the Ludovisi and Borghese palaces, as well as from works of art acquired by Philippe V from Cristina of Sweden and the Marquis of Carpio. A great number of them come from the donations of King Charles III to the Academy, proceeds from Pompeii and Herculaneum. Also, the painter Anton Rapahel Mengs donated quite a number of sculptures that he reproduced in Rome over many years.
Aside from the sculptures obtained from the Academy of Fine Arts, in our collection a large number of pieces derive from the acquisition of reproductions from various museums around the world and from originals pertaining to private collections.
Our scultptures are, in all cases, exact replicas of these originals selected for their singularity and beauty.
The moulds
The moulds, which have been obtained from perfectly finished sculptures, are made entirely in our workshops using materials of the highest quality and highly refined techniques, thus enabling the attainment of identical reproductions even to the finest details.
The technique
The casting technique used by our company has been developed and perfected for many years , which makes the process unique, thus allowing the casting of large sculptures at a reasonable cost, as it considerably reduces the time and labour involved to obtain reproductions of a considerable size in the highest quality possible.
The material
Our reproductions are made of reconstituted marble, with a 80% marble content, obtained from Macael marble selected for its white purity.
Aside from providing an authentic marble effect, the formulation used furnishes our reproductions with an excellent mechanical strength and stability against atmospheric elements like water, temperature changes, ice and ultraviolet radiation, which allows them to be used not only in interior decoration but also makes them very suitable for exterior decoration.
The finishes
The finishes of the sculptures are normally done in marble that has been moderately aged, ranging from pure white to finishes with an archaelogical look. Our sculptures are supplied in a standard moderately-aged finish, but the customer can choose for his/her order the degree of ageing preferred. To age our
Moreover, and upon request, we can do special finishes, like bronze or iron, made with real metals that can be oxidised and aged like the purest metals would.
Also available are other finishes like terracota, sandstone or limestone, or other colour finishes specified by the customer.

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